About MDJunior

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What is MDJunior?

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MDJunior is an active non-profit organization set out to empower the youth to collaborate, connect and learn more about the medical field. The organization leads local chapters, international service missions and conferences towards encouraging the youth in health. In particular, MDJunior has built its  foundation based on its three core pillars: knowledge, skills, and attitude. 

How does GYHS tie in?

This year's GYHS focuses on how students can defy expectations and truly achieve their goals in the healthcare, medical, or any other entrepreneurial field despite what many say about the difficulties they will face. In particular, speakers present at the event would would discuss how they have overcome struggles to get where they are  with personal stories. Additionally, medical professional would provide insight regarding how the healthcare field truly is and how the difficulty is worth the reward. This experience is meant to inspire the youth of today's generation to be inspired and to become forces of change within their own communities, working to bridge the health gap, MDJunior's main goal.