Global Youth Health Summit

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Emory University

GYHS Conference

Location: Goodrich C. White Hall, 301 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA 30307



Theme: Breaking Down Barriers

We envision a society in which youth exercise their full potential to create change in our global community. The theme of this summit is 'Breaking down Barriers.' We are talking about all kinds of barriers today - from racial and religious barriers to country borders, from wage discrimination to glass ceilings - we aim to touch societal issues that youth can rally behind and serve as agents of change to bridge the health gap. We aim to show our generation how they can defy the status quo and use public health best practices to create social change and bridge the health gap. And finally, we aim to empower youth to break down barriers of their own comfort zones to challenge what they believe they are capable of, to create change in their own communities.


In the Hackathon, contestants will come up with innovative and original solutions to global health problems via any means. After registering online, contestants will have until 1/25 to come up with their solution, which will be presented and evaluated at the summit.

Our Goal

We at MDJunior plan to use GYHS to inspire the youth of our generation to make a change; the summit will give them the confidence needed to break down any barriers holding them back from achieving their goals and changing their communities for the better.